Paramedical science or allied health science plays a vital role in diagnosis and treatment and has become an absolute part and parcel of health care industry.

Advancement in medical science and cutting edge technology based complex medical equipments have accentuated the demand for trained and qualified paramedical manpower.

Our innovative paramedical programmes are designed to create a balance between the demand and supply of paramedical personnel.

Name of Courses

Courses / Streams Duration Minimum Qualification
C.M.L.T. Pathology One Year S.E. / Eqv.
D.M.L.T. Pathology Two Years H.S. / Eqv (Sc.)
C.M.R.T. X-Ray One Year S.E. / Eqv.
D.M.R.T. X-Ray Two Years H.S. / Eqv (Sc.)
C.E.C.T. E.C.G. One Year S.E. / Eqv.
D.E.C.T. E.C.G. Two Years H.S. / Eqv (Sc.)
C.P.T. Physiotherapy One Year S.E. / Eqv.
D.P.T. Physiotherapy Two Years H.S. / Eqv (Sc.)
D.D.S.H. Dental Two Years H.S. / Eqv (Sc.)
D.H.N. Nursing One Year S.E. / Eqv (Sc.)
D.O.T. Operation Theatre Two Years H.S. / Eqv (Sc.)
P.E.T. / F.W.T. Certificate Course Six Months Doctor
A.N.M. Nursing Two Years H.S. / Eqv (Sc.)
Dresser One Year S.E. / Eqv.
D.S.I.T. Two Years H.S. / Eqv.
C.H.W. (Community Health Worker) One Year H.S. / Eqv.
M.H.W. (Multipurpose Health Worker) Two Years H.S. / Eqv.
GNM Three Years H.S. / Eqv.
ANM 1+1/2 Years H.S. / Eqv.

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